White Christmas in North Carolina

Like many of our winter weather predictions, I expected more hype than actual snow from the possible White Christmas forecast. When we headed north on I-85 on Christmas Eve to spend the holiday in Greensboro, the weather was cool and clear without a flurry in sight. But chunky snow flakes started to fall late Christmas morning, bringing the first White Christmas to Greensboro since 1969.

Growing up in Massachusetts, we were used to a constant layer of snow that blanketed the landscape from November to March or April. But in North Carolina, a snow storm is a major event rather than just another inevitable round of  frozen precipitation. The snow fell steadily throughout the day and night – the perfect setting for a day of relaxing with family to unwrap presents, sip egg nog and watch the Christmas Story movie marathon.

I love the many Christmases when the weather is warm enough for a long walk around the neighborhood in between gigantic holiday meals. But I will always remember this beautiful day, when the surprise snowfall reminded me that you are never too old to feel like a kid at Christmas.

White Christmas in Greensboro

White Christmas in Greensboro


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