Ode to Cheese Straws

My obsession with cheese in any form is well-known to family and friends – the cheese section of Dean & Deluca is one of my favorite places in the world. For Christmas, I rediscovered a classic Southern cheese specialty as we gave tins of Mississippi Cheese Straws to friends. We saved a tin of straws with the intention of serving to our guests; but after tasting one I ended up polishing off most of them myself. Had I shown more restraint, they would have been the perfect snack to serve with impromptu cocktails.

When my mother used to make cheese straws from scratch growing up, I remember loving the fun of squeezing dough through the pastry press. Maybe I will attempt homemade cheese straws some day, but there are plenty of tempting choices created by the experts such as Charlotte-based company DD Gourmet, Hillsborough’s Carolina Cupboard (these are sold at A Southern Season) and Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory. Next time, I will order enough to share with our guests.

Mississippi Cheese Straws – photo from http://www.mscheesestraws.com/


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