View of the World from New York City: Carolina edition

View of Empire State Building from the Highline

North Carolina is not receiving much love from the New York Post in 2012. As noted in a previous entry, a Post reporter described Greensboro as a “derelict town” when visiting the city during the John Edwards trial. More recently, columnist Cindy Adams headed south to cover the DNC convention in Charlotte, proclaiming North Carolina as “home of nothing” in her write-up on September 4th. She viewed local food as the antithesis to healthy cuisine favored by Michelle Obama, as “North Carolina does ribs for breakfast. Pork Barbeque Ribs.” Hmmm…ribs for breakfast sounds extreme even for Bojangles, though the chain offers most other forms of meat on a biscuit. I would love to know where she observed this pork-laden breakfast feast, as I may take my husband there for his birthday.

Though relegated to stark accommodations in Rock Hill, SC, Adams found a silver lining in Southern hospitality, “My place has no room service, no minibar, no safe, a fridge but no ice and a microwave with nothing to put in it — but kind personnel offer to fetch takeout.” Adams was not the only DNC visitor to complain about a lack of quality hotels close to uptown Charlotte, but sounds like we scored points for folksy customer service. Despite the friendly overtures of hotel staff, Adams channeled the Wizard of Oz to express her excitement to return home, “Leaving Oz, Dorothy said: ‘There’s no place like home.’ Leaving Charlotte, Dorothy might’ve burped: ‘Oy, no place like New York.'”

Though Dorothy would indeed be at home in New York with her fabulous red shoes, I’m pretty sure she would also enjoy sipping a mint julep on a warm evening in Charlotte. Like Adams, I love the glamour and energy of New York City. But contrary to the label of “home of nothing”, I am one of countless North Carolinians who can’t imagine living anywhere else.


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