Signs of Spring

Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC

Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC

I can never remember what happens with the groundhog and his shadow to signal the end of winter, but spring seemed to arrive in Charlotte on Friday. After wishing for a heavier coat on Thursday during the chilly downpour, the storm gave way to lots of sunshine. My daughter Katie found a flock of friendly ducks during a visit to Freedom Park (one of the local spots featured in TV show Homeland), as well as an endless supply of fascinating rocks.

After growing up in the frigid weather of Massachusetts, I occasionally miss the fun of sledding, hot chocolate and snowmen. I hoped to play with Katie in the snow this winter, but may save that dream for next year after this taste of spring. As 30 inches of snow dropped on my childhood hometown of Worcester this weekend, I’m especially grateful to live in the South. We’ll surely have more cold weather before winter departs for good, but I enjoyed the preview of warmer days to come.

Our first spring flower

Our first spring flower


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