In Bacon and Bourbon News: Southern Food Headlines

Study Confirms Health Risks of Southern Diet: In totally unsurprising news, a new study confirmed that our health does not benefit from frequent consumption of a “Southern Diet” heavy on fried food, processed meats and sugar. According to researchers at the University of Alabama, people who eat Southern staples such as fried chicken, bacon, ham and sweet tea six times per week face a 41% higher stroke risk than those indulging once per month. Thankfully, this news does not appear to raise the red flag for those of us who enjoy occasional trips to Chik-Fil-A. I love a good piece of fried chicken, but I also like to fit into my pants.

Maker’s Mark Cuts Alcohol Content in Bourbon: Maker’s Mark faces an unusual predicament in the lackluster economy – excessive demand for its high-end bourbon. As aging their signature liquor takes from five years nine months to seven years, the Jim Beam-owned company announced plans to dilute their current reserve from 90 to 84 proof. Maker’s Mark stated that even professional tasters could not distinguish between the original and weaker versions, but outcries continue from bourbon aficionados. For Maker’s Mark fans who like to ensure a maximum buzz, now is the time to stock up. Cheers!

Photo courtesy of Maker's Mark

Photo courtesy of Maker’s Mark



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