Southern Snow Surprise

Winter meets spring

Winter meets spring

Though flowers bloomed across Charlotte by early February, winter saved at least one more surprise for those of us anticipating an early spring. Despite the forecast predicting snow on Saturday, I expected yet another front of dreary rain. But when our daughter Katie woke up from her nap in the late afternoon, chunky white flakes swirled outside her bedroom window. After rushing into our jackets and shoes, a burst of thunderclaps greeted us along with the first real snow to hit the Queen City in two years. After checking out the scene from the front porch, Katie happily stomped through the thickening layer of powder on our front lawn. Though we celebrated a white Christmas after her arrival in 2010, Saturday marked her first opportunity to play in the snow.

Though several inches stacked up by Saturday evening, the winter wonderland lasted for less than 24 hours. By Sunday afternoon, the sunlight erased our foot and paw prints and melted snowmen into icy lumps. I’m grateful our city rarely requires the use of snow plows, but hope we won’t have to wait two more years for another burst of beautiful flurries.

Fun in the snow

Fun in the snow


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