Serving Up Georgia Shrimp

Fresh shrimp cocktail with sauce

Fresh shrimp with cocktail sauce

As frequent visitors to the Georgia and North Carolina coasts, our family devours shrimp in many forms – cocktail, fried, grilled, scampi and more. But in my land-locked hometown of Charlotte, finding shrimp to equal the “fresh off the boat” variety presents quite a challenge.

After buying a funky-tasting batch from the other side of the world, I vowed to cook only with shrimp caught in the United States. I can usually find decent Gulf Coast shrimp at our local Harris Teeter stores, but the best find is Georgia shrimp occasionally available at Whole Foods.

During our recent trip to Brunswick, Georgia, we decided to bring home a stash from the city once known as the “shrimp capital of the world”. Shrimp still flourishes on the South Georgia coast, though Mazatlan, Mexico currently holds the aforementioned title.

Shrimp thrive in the South Georgia marsh and ocean

Shrimp thrive in the South Georgia marsh and ocean

My mother-in-law brought me to stock up a cooler at City Market, her go-to spot for seafood near downtown. Operated by the same family since 1948, City Market sells fresh shrimp caught by local fisherman and delivered to their packing house on the Brunswick River. I picked up four pounds of large Georgia shrimp for $9.99 per lb., medium shrimp sold for $6.99 per lb. We refrigerated the shrimp until our trip home, then packed up a cooler with ice and placed in the freezer upon arrival.

We defrosted a batch to make shrimp scampi at home the following week, marveling at the superior taste of the Georgia specialty. You don’t have to make a pilgrimage to the Golden Isles to buy some of the best shrimp in the country – City Market ships via their online store at:

We always follow and highly recommend this Tyler Florence recipe for shrimp scampi from And of course for a favorite Southern dish, nothing compares to the Crook’s Corner recipe for Shrimp and Grits via Southern Living.

To learn more about Georgia Shrimp, visit:



5 responses to “Serving Up Georgia Shrimp

  1. When you were 4, 5 & 6, Capt’n Sam would drop off a couple of pounds of shrimp he caught that morning (pre-dawn) & we would decide whether to do shrimp salad or scampi for dinner
    I’m re-reading Prince of Tides. Terrific shrimping tales by the Wingo clan there
    L, Dad

    • We were so lucky to have Captain Sam! I can’t imagine the luxury of having someone deliver fresh shrimp now. I remember going on that elevator down to see his shrimp boat. Thanks for reading!

  2. Seeking good shrimp can truly be an exercise in frustration in the Charlotte area-thanks for the heads up on City Market Seafood-it would be worth the cost to have delicious Georgia shrimps-

    • So true! This reminds me I need to order a bunch of shrimp from City Market. It is amazing how much better it tastes than our options in Charlotte – not sure why our stores so rarely have NC/GA shrimo. Fresh Market does have NC shrimp and it’s about the same cost as the kind at Harris Teeter.

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