Growing up with uptown on CLT Blog

Charlotte Skyline from South End

Charlotte Skyline from South End

When I first moved to Charlotte in 2003, I lived in a townhouse in the 3rd Ward neighborhood of uptown near the Panthers stadium. Before luxury condo towers sprung up around center city, the bank town bustle subsided after workers departed for home on evenings and weekends. With only a handful of bars and restaurants around the Queen City epicenter, I bumped into most of my friends at Connolly’s Pub or Buckhead Saloon on weekend nights.

10 years later, the Charlotte skyline reflects the boom of residential and commercial development in uptown. I wrote a post about my uptown nostalgia for CLT Blog, below is an excerpt:

I never thought much about the Charlotte skyline when I lived uptown from 2003–2006. I occasionally gazed up at the crown-capped Bank of America building when walking down the main drag of Tryon Street, or admired the view when driving into town on the I-277 loopFor the full post and a list of favorite uptown bars and restaurants, I would love for you to visit


2 responses to “Growing up with uptown on CLT Blog

  1. It is amazing how much uptown has changed in the last several years-I remember my first visit to Charlotte in the late ’80s and downtown pretty much closed up at 5 PM-to see it now, is nothing short of amazing-

    • It really is incredible to see the transformation in the past 10 years. I love going to visit now but feels like a different city from the one where we ran into everyone we knew in the same 5 bars!

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