Sunset and sunrise in downtown Atlanta

Late afternoon in ATL

Late afternoon in Atlanta

I worked in downtown Atlanta for a summer during college, but since 1999 have not spent much time in the heart of the South’s biggest city. While attending a conference in Atlanta last week, I lucked out with a beautiful skyline view from my room at the W Hotel downtown. Our dinner destination Ventanas boasted panoramic views from the Georgia Dome to the Georgia Tech stadium, where the home team was playing Virginia Tech. We could also see the construction site of the future College Football Hall of Fame – slated to open in 2014.

GA Dome at Sunset

Georgia Dome at Sunset

I’m not a morning person – but getting up to answer my early wake up call was a lot easier with this view. Late summer in the South is my favorite time of year, and loved having the chance to see the colors of sunset and sunrise in downtown Atlanta.

Sunrise in Atlant

Sunrise in Atlanta

Morning in ATL

Morning in ATL


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