Charlotte Goes Viral

Bank of America building in Uptown Charlotte

Fortunately I’m not talking about “viral” a la Royal Caribbean,  but 2 articles about Charlotte making their way around the internet this week.

1) Horrified Man Suddenly Realizes He’s Putting Down Roots in Charlotte, the Onion

Hilariously random, this Onion article profiles a man’s epiphany that his stint in the Queen City brings him dangerously close to being a local. “’Oh God, I think I’m starting to become an active and engaged member of the Charlotte community,’ said Collier, shuddering at the thought of being only seven months from having to get a North Carolina driver’s license.” In a city full of transplants, many of us have had moments of realizing Charlotte is not just “the next stop” but home.

2) 25 Ways to Know You Live in the Queen City, BuzzFeed

Many items on this list ring true, especially:

17. The Penguin has taken at least 5 years off your life. (Yes but the fried pickles were worth it…)

25. You watch Homeland just to see if you recognize parts of Charlotte or people. (We started watching because my brother was a stand-in for Damian Lewis i.e. Brody)

Thanks to the “horrified man” in the Onion for helping us remember the many reasons to love and laugh about life in Charlotte. And we totally agree, “‘you gotta love Freedom Park in the springtime…'”


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