Spring Break in the Goldes Isles of Georgia


Sidney Lanier Bridge

Sidney Lanier Bridge from St. Simons Island

It had been a year since our last visit to Brunswick, Georgia, where my husband’s family has a home on a creek flowing into the Turtle River. Anticipating a reunion with her cousins, our 3 year old proved a happy passenger for most of the 5 hour drive from Charlotte. Though the azaleas peaked several weeks ago, some blossoms remained as we pulled in the long driveway to our destination. The pungent scent of marsh wafted from the creek, seeming to dissipate concerns from everyday life.

Lighthouse at St. Simons Island

Lighthouse at St. Simons Island

On Saturday we strolled the boardwalk at St. Simons Island (home to the King & Prince Resort and exclusive Sea Island), a popular vacation spot about fifteen minutes from Brunswick. After stopping in for ice cream at St. Simon Sweets, we joined the fishermen and sightseers lined up along the pier. We glimpsed a dolphin surfacing several times, and waved at the container ship honking on its way to the Sidney Lanier bridge. We cut our visit short to get ready for dinner and return to the island, but no one else seemed in a rush to leave the spring warmth and sunshine.

Container Ship

Container Ship Cruises Toward the Pier


Pelicans Stand Watch



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