Girls’ Night Out in SouthPark

Piedmont Town Center
Fountain at Piedmont Town Center in SouthPark (Charlotte)

Last Friday night, I met up with girlfriends for dinner and drinks in the SouthPark area of Charlotte (known as home to the eponymous mall). The “Alive After Five” concert series has expanded to SouthPark in May, hosting an outdoor event in the upscale Piedmont Town Center on Friday nights. We sat on the patio outside Del Frisco’s, discovering the high-end steakhouse offered 1/2 price glasses on wine (the only way I would order a $16 glass). The original Alive After Five party takes place on Thursdays in uptown Charlotte, attracting a crowd of mostly 20 and 30 somethings ready to kick off the weekend. A smaller, tamer group attended the SouthPark event, sipping drinks on the surrounding restaurant patios or in front of the band.

With several of my local favorite restaurants closing in recent years (still missing Zink), Georges Brasserie at Piedmont Town Center remains one of our go-to spots for celebrations or a nice night out. The French restaurant serves excellent seafood including a raw bar, and traditional dishes such as escargot, bouillabaisse and steak frites. An earlier rain storm provided relief from a heat wave, so it was the perfect night to sit on the Georges patio for dinner. As the only one of us with a penchant for raw oysters, I ordered a few of the daily catch then mussels with chorizo and fries for dinner. I’m not the most adventurous diner after finding a few favorites at a restaurant (also love the salmon and scallops entrees).

The band took a backseat to our conversation but I heard some good tunes for a fun Friday night out. The Alive After Five concerts at Piedmont Town Center continue tonight and on Friday, May 30th. I’m happy to see more nightlife options in SouthPark, especially this laid back version of a longtime favorite Charlotte party.


1 thought on “Girls’ Night Out in SouthPark

  1. I really miss Zink too! I was excited when I first learned that Chuy’s was opening in its place, but the food at the Southpark Chuy’s is no where near as good as the one I’ve eaten at in Austin.

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