Creek life in the Golden Isles of Georgia


When we visit my husband’s family home in Brunswick, Georgia (on the Southern coast), we often plan our days around the tides – boating on the Turtle River when the water rises and fishing on the dock or pier when it’s low.


 After a failed attempt to find parking in downtown Brunswick on the 4th, the pier served as our viewing area for the fireworks show. From a distance, we watched the colors explode into the darkness from the river.


Creek flowing into the Turtle River in Brunswick, GA (Sidney Lanier bridge in the distance on right)


 The boat was out of commission on this trip – but we still got up close and personal with Georgia wildlife. When I went inside with our daughter for a few minutes, a school of dolphins swam right by the dock, including a mother and baby.


We often see dolphins when boating on the Turtle River, including several who  swam right up to our boat to check us out. Dave’s parents couldn’t remember dolphins ever cruising up the creek, and fortunately my sister-in-law was there to take photos. I was bummed to miss the dolphins this time, but am hoping they’ll find their way back .


Photos by Dave Kaufman and Emily Thomas


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