Summer Lovin: The beach on a cloudy day


I envisioned the perfect beach day with blue skies and sunshine, but we woke up to a covering of dark clouds  on our first day at Figure Eight Island, NC last Friday. The rain held off, so we headed to the beach in the morning to find tidal pools and in the late afternoon on a shell-finding mission. The overcast sky seemed to touch the ocean on the horizon, and accentuated the blue-green hue of the translucent water. Even waist deep in the surf, we could still see our toes and shells buried in the sand. The beach looked nearly empty to the north and the south of us, but I loved the gloomy beauty of this day with only hints of light peeking through the clouds.

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4 responses to “Summer Lovin: The beach on a cloudy day

  1. Ashley, I truly love the beach on a cloudy day. It gives me a chance to focus on the things I might miss – crabs skittering about or mink scrambling on the rocks. And you’re so right – the colors are magnificent! 🙂 ~Terri

    • Thank you for reading Terri! I totally agree the overcast sky seemed to reveal things we would miss on a sunny day. We don’t get many days that are cloudy but nice enough to still go to the beach. I felt like our favorite place was even more beautiful and don’t ever remember the water looking so green.

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