Biscuits and Bourbon: Savor the South Weekend at the O. Henry Hotel

O. Henry hotel in Greensboro

O. Henry hotel in Greensboro

What do you think about when someone mentions “Southern food”? Fried chicken? Hush puppies? Stereotypes of deep-fried everything made Southern fare synonymous with an unhealthy diet, but chefs today are redefining our region’s signature cuisine. Many Charlotte restaurants have embraced the farm-to-table movement (i.e. Good Food on Montford and Halcyon), designing their menus around produce and meats from local farms. In my new post for SCOOP Charlotte, a “boutique” lifestyle web site for women, I wrote about the upcoming Savor the South weekend at the O. Henry Hotel in Greensboro. The weekend (Sept. 26-28) celebrates the “Savor the South” cookbook series from the UNC Press, and will feature tastings, demos and feasts prepared by top Southern chefs (the cookbooks feature staples such as tomatoes, biscuits and bourbon). It’s fitting this weekend event takes place at the O. Henry – one of the select luxury independent hotels named to the Southern Living Collection. Check out the SCOOP post excerpt and link below for more details – I’m very envious of anyone who is attending “Savor the South” and would love to hear about your experience:

“Even if you’re one of the many Queen City residents raised north (or west) of the Mason-Dixon line, you’ve surely discovered the joys of Southern food. From the Krispy Kreme bread pudding at Savannah Red to the famous fried chicken at Price’s Chicken Coop, we can taste our way through the heritage of our “New South” city (and plan extra workouts to counteract the effects on our waistline). I grew up spending summers in North Carolina, so the scent of fresh biscuits stands out in my childhood memories. We can always delight family and friends with the classics (does macaroni and cheese count as a vegetable?), but chefs are pushing the boundaries of our region’s cuisine in restaurants and kitchens across the South…” Read the complete article here.

Biscuits cookbook from UNC Press - image courtesy of UNC Press

Biscuits cookbook from UNC Press – image courtesy of UNC Press





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