Life is a Highway: I-85 Edition


I can’t even imagine the total miles I’ve driven (and ridden) on I-85 over the past 18 years since starting at Davidson College north of Charlotte. Now with family to the north and south of us via 85 – we’ve navigated the highway for countless holidays, weddings and reunions. Our daughter took her first road trip at about 2 weeks old (I sat nervously beside her in the backseat), and she can now recognize landmarks like the gigantic peach in Gaffney, SC. Even though packing up the car for a trip is always chaotic, I love when we’re settled in and on our way (I ride shot gun when we’re all traveling which makes me and my husband happy – I’d rather knit than drive). Sure we deal with the occasional 3 year old meltdown, but she is usually content to watch out for intriguing sights like rivers and planes. Since we drive to reach our other “homes”, (i.e. the places that feel like home because our family lives there), we’re happy to have a preschooler who enjoys the road trip lifestyle. I’m excited to take her to discover new places along with visiting our favorite spots.


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