Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral


Dolphin head shot

When we spot dolphin fins breaking the water’s surface on the North Carolina or Georgia coast – these sightings bring a fleeting but unforgettable kind of magic. If out on the boat, we usually cut the motor with hopes of an up close encounter, but often watch the dolphins disappear as suddenly as they captured our attention. At our family beach retreat near Wilmington, NC, dolphins occasionally swim by our house in the water where we’ve swum and skied for three generations. Near my husband’s family home in Brunswick, Georgia, dolphins almost always appear as we cruise the marshes of the Turtle River. Several years ago, a trio of the friendly creatures lined up beside our boat – seeming eager to shares tales of adventures with us before their inevitable departure. We squealed and tried to record the ephemeral moment on camera, but the blurry shots did not reflect the joy of that afternoon in the hazy South Georgia heat.


Dolphin fins

 Whenever we set out on the boat or sip a drink overlooking the water, we are always on the lookout for our next dolphin encounter.

Dolphin cruising on the South Georgia coast

Dolphin cruising on the South Georgia coast

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