Forces of Nature: A Colorful Wedding


Double Rainbow

We recently attended my cousin’s wedding at Starlight Meadow farm in Burlington, NC, a family owned venue just a short drive from Greensboro. I loved the property’s rustic elegance – the vintage tractor was a popular photo opp for guests and the bathrooms surprised with their high-end feel behind a nondescript door. The evening forecast called for rain, but ominous clouds held back the downpour during the outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour. The rain began to fall after we sat down inside the barn for dinner – sending the catering staff and some guests to rescue a table of pound cakes from a soggy fate. We crowded around the windows after a double rainbow appeared, and braved a few raindrops to snap photos of the colorful scenery.

This is the second wedding we’ve attended where the forces of nature have shifted from threatening to awe-inspiring in just a few moments. One rainbow formed a full arc across the property – maybe two pots of gold hid out there somewhere. This was the last spring weekend where the weather turned chilly in the evenings – I love this fleeting time before the heat and humidity set in for a long summer.

Rainbow 1

2 thoughts on “Forces of Nature: A Colorful Wedding

  1. Wow! amazing rainbow:)

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